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Carbon Chain – Creating New Projects For Saving Climate

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CarbonChain wants to create new projects for save the climate
CarbonChain aims to develop its own blockchain ledger on carbon reduction projects – such as a wind farm, solar park etc. in order to assist countries to prove to the rest of the world how they are assisting towards their climate change targets in the Paris AgreementCarbonChain monetizes the future carbon credit value on carbon reduction projects using a crypto currency called ‘CarbonChain’ and registers new projects with the United Nations which enable liquidity in the business cycle

Registered projects can generate carbon credits for up to 28 years. Because of the Paris Agreement commencing in 2020, the projected value of carbon credits is expected to increase exponentially (see graph).

All sales of carbon credits from the Company are traded in CarbonChain Tokens; 30% of which have to be purchased from token holders via Crypto Exchanges ensuring constant trading of the token.

CarbonChain is developing a blockchain system that will ensure that full accountability for the life of the carbon credit is monitored, thus ensuring no double accounting takes place whilst providing an evidence based blockchain ledger.


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